How do I book a session?

Our mobile app is the go-to for sessions, from exploring tutors to booking a session to paying your tutor. If you have any special requests, feel free to email contact@penjiapp.com to set something else up.

How does Penji work?

Penji is a mobile app on which college students can browse peer tutors from their school and request a time to meet. If the tutor accepts the session, the pair of students will meet in an on-campus location for the tutoring session. Payment is transacted via credit/debit card based on the # of minutes spent. All tutors at your school are a flat rate, listed in-app.

If I use 1hr and 2 minutes, am I charged for a full 2 hours?

No. Payment is calculated on a per-minute basis using a timer in the app.

Is your app secure?

Penji uses Stripe to handle payment and card details, the single leading payment processor in the business. Large platforms like Lyft use Stripe, too.

What happens if I am not happy with a session?

We'll reimburse you for the full session, no questions asked. We want there to be no worry for a student when using Penji. Shoot an email to contact@penjiapp.com and we'll take care of any issue.

How do you screen and train tutors?

We have a 3-step screening process ending with an in-person interview. Each tutor must have received a B+ or better in any class they'd like to teach, as well as be >3.2 average GPA. The in-person interview is critical, helping us identify candidates that truly want to help other people, are strong communicators, and have a passion for the subjects. Finally, tutors are paired with a Penji Pal (an experienced tutor in the Penji community) to round out their training.

What happens if my teacher doesn't show up?

We ask that you wait up to 15 minutes. Once this has passed, you can cancel the session by clicking the more info dots -> Report a Problem -> My teacher didn't show up. You'll receive a $10 convenience charge, paid automatically by the teacher. We strongly encourage reliable and respectful users, and will be reaching out individually to all who miss sessions.

What are your cancellation charges?

If you cancel a sessions within 4 hours of start time, there will be a $5 cancellation charge. If you cancel within 15 minutes or miss the session entirely, there will be a cancellation charge of 50% of estimated session cost. This is true for both teachers and learners. This penalty will be passed directly to the Penji user whom you were scheduled to meet with. If this becomes a consistent issue, your account may be suspended or even deactivated. We don’t want that to happen, so please take these sessions seriously!

Is Penji safe?

Absolutely. We restrict sessions to on-campus, public locations which are always populated with people. This negates almost all types of shady behavior. On top of that, we only allow users with a campus email address, setting a solid baseline for integrity and responsibility.

How do I begin a session?

Access session details from the upcoming sessions tab. This page allows you to chat with your teacher/learner, which will be useful for determining the exact meetup location. The “Start Session” button on this page will become active on the day of your upcoming session.

My favorite study spot isn't a listed location. Can this be added?

Yes! You know your school better than we do. Send an email to contact@penji.com with your suggestion and a little description of the location, and we'll add it (these locations must be public, on-campus spots with lots of seating available).

Why isn’t my class listed in request a session?

We only activate classes that have a healthy teacher base to ensure learners are promptly assisted. That being said, please send in a request for activation of a certain class to contact@penjiapp.com. In early stages at a campus, Penji is launched in the largest STEM courses.

Can I trust Penji to keep my payment information safe?

Yes, you can. We use Stripe to handle all cards and transactions, a service trusted by other awesome companies like Lyft. All your data will be stored within Stripe's highly secure servers.