College Tutoring. Now For All of Us.

Penji connects you to peer tutors who’ve taken your exact class.


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Better Grades, Less Time

Classes shouldn't dominate your life. There are students around you on campus who can help you learn quickly - they know exactly the struggles you're going through.

Penji lets you book their help, leading to faster and more effective learning. Now you can get A's and live a little. Good deal!

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Get Help on Your Schedule

Penji tutors are on campus at almost all hours, meaning help is there when you need it.

Browse, select, and book straight from a tutor’s calendar. Pick a spot on campus and meet up for the session. Boom.

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Keep Your Beer Money

Listen, we know you’re broke. We just graduated - every dollar went to burritos, beer, and dumb amazon purchases.

With group sessions at $7/hr and study sessions for free, you don't need to be rich to make it in life (/college).


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