College will change you immensely, and the relationships you form make all the difference. The Penji app allows successful students (teachers) to share their knowledge with local students (learners). People around the country are discovering the power of peer tutoring. Your turn!



Peer tutors... from your school and already aced your class. They teach it best.


Tailor sessions to your needs, selecting topic, local study spots, and times that work for you.

Select Teacher

Penji teachers will send offers. Compare their profiles and reviews to find the perfect fit.


Sessions are timed and payment is processed automatically, keeping the focus on learning.


$15/hr, flexible scheduling, and academic practice... best student job ever? We think so.

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Browse open requests to find a class, topic, and time that work for you.

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Choose any time that the learner is available; you'll meet them in person at that time.

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You cash out automatically via Stripe, a trusted payment security system.