Penji Tutors at UC Berkeley

Name: Emily W.
Year: Freshman
Major: Bioengineering
Classes: CHEM1A, BIOE10
Short Bio: Hi I’m Emily! I’m from San Diego so naturally I love the beach and burritos. Outside of school, I love dancing and choreographing in modern, jazz, and contemporary styles. When I’m procrastinating I usually watch The Office, New Girl, or The Bachelor. My go-to foods in Berkeley are Pad See-Ew from Thai Basil, Peng Peng chicken from Famous Bao, and avocado toast from Romeo’s (I promise this avo toast will change your life). I also love boba, old vines, and all kinds of music!
Name: Caleb C.
Year: Junior
Major: Neuorobiology
Classes: CHEM 1A, 3A, 3B; PHYSICS 8A, 8B; BIO1A
Short Bio: Hi, I'm Caleb! I've lived in the Bay Area for all my life. I was born in Los Gatos, lived in San Francisco through middle school, and finished high school in Palo Alto! One day, I hope to become a medical doctor. I don't yet know what area I intend to focus on, but I know I want to help people and aid them during some of their roughest times.
Name: Evelyn L.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science
Classes: MATH1A, 1B, 53, 54; CS61A, 61B, 70, 188
Short Bio: I come from Nanjing, China. When I was learning the materials, I receive help from a lot of teachers and peers, so I want to give back. I also enjoy hiking, cycling and doing yoga.