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Trees Review

Essentially, trees are an abstraction that allow for hierarchical organization of “things”. These “things” can be anything, but when we’re learning trees they are often numbers (or letters). An abstract data type just means that it is a way of organizing data that we may use later, without care for how the abstraction is actually implemented (for example with lists, or with a class).

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Linked Lists

A very important data structure, that is often confusing to beginning CS students, is the linked list. Linked lists are a linear data structure, just like basic arrays. However, unlike an array, the linked list is not one large, continuous block in memory. Instead, each element in a linked list contains a pointer to the next element. Each element is “linked” to the next, hence the term “linked list.”

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Organizing Functions

While meeting with students in beginner level CSCI courses I have noticed a fairly common theme, many students are just typing code into a file with little to no organization. By the end of the project their code is so messy that the flow is almost impossible to follow. Because of this I have put together a simple set of rules for keeping your functions ordered.

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