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Penji turns experienced students into a valuable resource for those around them. Students have a lot to offer one another, and we exist to connect the dots.

Our primary platform is our mobile app - students, from your school, will use it to browse tutors (like you), request a session, communicate needs, submit payment, and give reviews.


- Control your own hours
- Training, mentorship, networking
- Practice core material
- Pay: $15/hr-$20/hr depending on your school


- B+ or better in each class you apply for; 3.0 or better average GPA
- 5+ hrs/week availability, even around finals
- You enjoy teaching people; no formal experience required
- You're a current student

We'd love to bring you on. Get started by applying below. Thanks!

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Please list official course codes from your school. All caps, no spaces, and separated by commas (eg. CHE2A, PHYSICS8A). General writing is "Essay Help".
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