Theodore M.

Major: Computer Science
Year: Sophomore
Courses Tutored:

CSCI 1300, 2400, 2824, 2820

Why Teach?

I love computer science! I like the problem solving, the long nights of coding, and the way of thinking that comes with it. I want to teach because I recognize that the field can be very hard, and people can turn away from computer science if they don't feel like they have the resources to learn all the material. That's where I come in, I want to provide the high level skills, and past experience I have in these classes to students so they can be successful and ultimately have fun with computer science. I also believe that teaching will allow me to solidify my own learning to ultimately become a better computer scientist.


I was born in Fort Collins, CO, and my family moved to Boulder by 2000. I grew up going on hikes in the Rockies, and skiing in Colorado and Utah. I currently train martial arts at Easton Training Center, and any free time I have these days is spent listening to music or sitting around with friends. I have always been fascinated by computers and used to be an avid gamer, but now I spend my time on the screen coding! As I left high school I knew I wanted an academic field that excited me and challenged me, so I dived into computer science headfirst praying that it would work out. What I found was that I loved it and I haven't looked back since.


Favorite Movies: Goodfellas, The Dark Knight. Favorite Games: Chess, Settlers of Catan. I enjoy watching mma cards on Fox or PPV at local spots around town like Harpo's or at my friends house on the hill. I don't spend a lot of money on movies, but I'm known to binge on some Netflix.


I would like to ultimately have a masters or PhD in computer science, and I see my undergrad as just the beginning of my journey. I want to live a life of novel experiences including working in the field, teaching at university, and taking time off to travel the world.

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