School: UC Berkeley
Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Year: 3
Courses Tutored:

BIO 1A, 1B; CHEM 1A; MCB 160


Why Teach?

I’ve been involved with teaching and mentorship through my time in university, and I believe it is really worthwhile and inspiring to see your students grow and growing alongside them! Teaching is a great way for me to give back to my community and contribute to a supportive and healthy environment for learning, and just going through the same experiences together. I think Penji is a wonderful resource and connection for communities of students with different experiences in different places.


I am from the bay area, and grew up in California! I’ve always been interested in biological sciences and the arts – but I didn’t actually decide concretely on my future aspirations on major until a while into university :)


I love to draw (sketching and doodling are big parts of my life – I usually work traditionally, but trying my hand at digital too!), and dancing has always been something special to me (I’ve been part of an urban dance group on campus since my freshmen year, and have been dancing since elementary school). I was a huge bookwork in middle and high school, but alas lack of time has caught up to me in university – but definitely tell me if you have any recommendations! My favorite films have to be those from Studio Ghibli, especially those by Hayao Miyazaki!


I’m currently an aspiring medical student and am hoping to get some more experience and exposure to various specialties before deciding which field to pursue