Getting Clients

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Alright, we know how to act, how to handle a session, and how to teach effectively. How do we get our first clients?

Penji is fueled by the students that are a part of it. We wouldn't exist, or spread, without our tutors. You'll deploy a variety of marketing tactics to get customers. The great part about this? Customers that other tutors acquire might need help in your subjects, too, so each tutor's efforts benefit the rest of the community. Soon enough, it's a booming tutoring trade at the school thanks to everyone's efforts.

There are three key tactics that you can use to maximize your clients. Each is laid out in detail in our marketing handbook, but here is the overview.

First, contacting past professors. As a Penji tutor, we'll send you a started pack that includes shnazzy custom business cards. For all the classes you tutor, email youur old professors a concise email: "Hi professor, I'm a tutor for this class now. If students need extra help, would you tell them about me? I have business cards I can drop by if that helps." If they agree, swing by the office, be a nice person and chat with your professor, and leave them a stack of 10 cards. 

Second, posting in social media groups. Each school is different, but most have a number of groups where your clients may reside. Most notably, the "Class of ____" groups. You can request access to these even as an older student and usually you'll get in. Other groups include "Free and for sale" and "[University] Tutoring". Send a friendly message announcing your tutoring status along with a link to your Penji profile.

Finally, and most effective, are Lecture Hall Presentations (LHPs). If you show up to a lecture, any lecture, and speak with the professor 5 minutes before start time, they'll let you speak 60% of the time. "Hi professor, I took this class two years ago and am now a private tutor for it with Penji. Can I speak for 60 seconds before lecture begins?" Then you'll get up front... "Hey everyone, can I have your attention (pause until they're quiet)... thanks! I'm Rachel, a 4th year biology student and am tutoring for this class... (speeds up super fast, then slows)... so I'll pass out some business cards for you to keep on file!" Public speaking is scary, but we've done over 100 of these presentations ourselves at Penji and they are really easy. Even better, you'll become a very confident speaker by the end. And best, you'll get clients FAST. We're happy to meet with you on Skype to practice your LHPs and give tips on speaking.

Each of these can get you clients - doing all three is basically a guarantee. We're here to coach you through them, always feel free to reach out to for help!