Key Teaching Tactics

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Back again, back back again!

Ok, so now you understand what we value as a community, and also how Penji works. Now to the most important thing of all - how to make sure each session is a 7 star experience. That's right, your job is to blow their mind. 3 key teaching tips are coming your way.

First: Session preparation is the best guarantee of success. We (Penji) and you (tutor) need to work together to get info from a learner BEFORE the session starts as possible. Our app requests topics - you communicate via chat and potentially email to get necessary details. If a learner isn't communicating, just email us directly and we'll help reach out. Once you get the detailed problems, review review review to make sure you're ready to go. Prepare materials and practice problems before hand. Go in with a defined strategy. Once you meet up with the learner, talk through their content and create an agenda before starting the session. This is key. RULE #1 - Get the detailed topics, prepare, and create an agenda with the learner right away when you meet up.

Second: it's all about active learning. The learner needs to discover the answers on their own - you can't supply them. This means your job is to nudge them in the right direction, guiding them close to each little solution or key point, but let them discover the key. Pracically speaking: RULE #2 - ask questions, don't give answers. They should do the talking.

Third: A comfortable environment is key. A friendly and calm attitude can go along way. Smile, introduce yourself, and help the learner to reduce their stress. You'll help them do the best they can - they're doing a great job, just got to stay focused. Deep breaths. Have fun with it. The material is cool! Show your passion or excitement about school and the topics covered. If possible :) RULE #3: Be friendly, calm, and optimistic.

We will soon release a collection of videos to show detailed teaching tips, and common problem situations that arise.