A Penji Session

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Back again! 

So by now you're probably pretty confused. What does being a tutor mean? Who am I, really? A question I ask myself all the time...

First, people struggle in college. Yes, it's true. When someone needs help, there aren't always good options - office hours, tutoring rooms, private tutors... all have major issues. Penji is an app to provide reliable help from the coolest people around - like YOU!

A "learner" posts a request, triggering an email to qualified tutors. If they're posting specifically for you, your name will be included in "Topics". The requests includes location, topics, and times that they're free. You can select one of these times and send an offer! We highly recommend you chat with them before offering to really understand their needs. The learner will then choose an offer to accept (hopefully yours!). 

OK, the session is scheduled, listed under "Upcoming" on the sessions page. Meet up with the learner at the time and place. Discuss the agenda, and then you'll both start the timer on your apps. When complete, end the timer in the same way to trigger payment, calculated down to the minute.

Always offer to help the learner after, via chat or your other personal means of communication. The app will collect a review for you from the learner.

That's it! Easy peasy.