Penji News: V2 is coming!

The Penji mission is to make quality academic help accessible to everyone. A big piece of this is affordability - at $20/hr, Penji tutors are cheaper than most, but I know this is still too expensive for many. To keep lowering prices, we're really excited about progress on Penji V2 which features group tutoring. A group, kind of like an Uber Pool, allows you to split the cost of a tutor with friends or random peers. The first screen below shows a quick previews of group creation.

Newsletter 4-22 Content.png

When creating a group session, you can select private (invite friends only), or public (allowing other CU students to join). When a public group session is created, others in that class will be notified can join if they choose. Price for 3-4 person groups is only $7/hr - I really hope this helps students who've had trouble affording tutoring. 

Team Headshots_Ricardo_circle.png

Ricardo Matsui is our CTO (lead developer) - he was a UC Davis computer science student and lives out in the Bay Area in CA (the Penji team operates remotely, through Skype and other tools). Ricardo has been knocking out feature after feature on the V2 app and it's coming together. We're looking at a slow rollout through the Fall semester - if you want to be a beta tester at CU Boulder, let me know!

In other news, we've seen a ton of demand come from $1/hr tutoring sales. Turns out these are for more effective than free tutoring...?? Still trying to wrap my head around that one!

Finals are around the corner, and we expect to see a surge at Boulder starting, most likely, this Sunday. Good luck people.


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