School: CU Boulder
Major: Computer Science
Year: Junior
Courses Tutored:

PHYS 1110, 1120, 2010, 2020; MATH 1011, 1150, 1300, 2001, 2300, 2400; APPM 1350, 2350; CSCI 1300, 2270, 2400, 2824, 3104, 3308


4.80 stars (16 reviews)
Why Teach?

My motivation for becoming a tutor comes from my interests in exploring the underlying concepts core to math and physics, and my love for programming. I am drawn by the problem-solving aspect of these fields. I hope to be given the opportunity to share intuition behind these subjects. Lastly, I find Penji's model to be extremely convenient.


I am originally from Centennial, Colorado. I began my studies at Boulder, having studied programming throughout high school. My captivation for the field led me directly to my major.


My interests include spending time on my computer, where I enjoy browsing hacker news, watching physics lectures, and programming.


I am interested in just about every field of computer science, and would be very fortunate to land a job in programming. In the future, I will likely attain a M.S