School: CU Boulder
Major: Computer Science
Year: 4
Courses Tutored:

CSCI 1200, 1300, 2270


4.86 stars (13 reviews)
Why Teach?

I enjoy helping beginner programmers over the initial hill of learning to code. It makes me happy to see people enjoying to code and learning to get better at it. Penji is great because it is more personal and less stressful than meeting with TA's or CA's.


Born and raised in Colorado. I lived in a small mountain town called Conifer for most of my life. I love Boulder and I never really wanted to leave Colorado so I chose CU. I've always liked gaming and technology so CompSci was a good fit for me.


I play volleyball at OasisVolleyball twice a week, always looking for new teammates! I love Breaking Bad, South Park, West World, GoT, and just about every horror movie ever made. I also have a huge cigar obsession, real cigars none of the flavored stuff.


I would love to spend some time in Japan someday. I would like to make enough money to retire in Hawaii and open up a cigar shop. Right now I am working on iOS applications for work, and may continue that for my career