Matthew K.

Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
Courses Tutored:

CSCI 1200, 1300, 2270, 2400, 3308
PHYS 1110, 2010, 2020
MATH 1300

Why Teach?

The CA/LA program was a big help to me getting started in CS. I am now in my third semester as a CA and am stoked to give back and hopefully restore some intro CSCI students faith in humanity! Working for Penji has been great because of how flexible/customizable the time frames and blocks are for tutoring.


I was born in Washington D.C. and grew up going to school in nearby Montgomery County, Maryland. I have always had a passion for the outdoors so after visiting the school and making a few trips to Breckenridge I was sold on the University of Colorado at Boulder. I have always enjoyed Math and originally thought I would go to school to be a mechanical engineer but after some course exploration ended up a B.A. computer Science student.


I enjoy the outdoors Colorado has to offer through climbing, Snowboarding, Long boarding, and Star-gazing. The most recent book I read was Gucci Mane's autobiography which I strongly recommend. Some of my favorite video games are Skate, XCOM, and anything that has to do with Mario.


After I graduate I plan on working for a large company for a while to learn the ropes in big industry. After that, I plan on creating my own company in an area near the mountains or the beach!

Booking Matthew

Single Sessions

1. Download the Penji App (iOS or Android)
2. Request a session in any of Matthew's Classes
3. In "Topics" during the request, start with "Matthew Kaiser", and then list your topics

Group Sessions

Course Mentorships