School: UC Berkeley
Major: CS and Math
Year: 2nd
Courses Tutored:

MATH 53, 113; CS70


Why Teach?

I love teaching and want to go into it as a career. I want people to be able to be confident about the subjects they choose to pursue. I think that students in the UC Berkeley community can go a long way to help each other out!


I wanted to go into political science and pursue law, but then I took a CS class my senior year of high school and somehow found myself doing both Math and CS... unexpected, but that class changed my life.


I'm into climbing, singing, and playing the piano. Less interesting hobbies include eating at McDonalds and complaining about being tired all the time. I love listening to music and talking about it!


Grad school! Hopefully I'll do well enough to get into a decent grad school and from there perhaps pursue a career in academia