How You Should Deal With Failures


Whenever you try something new or hard, you'll inevitably have some failure along the way. There is no person on earth who doesn't. Most people can't deal... they don't want to go through those tough points. They don't want to feel like they suck. But there is a mental shift that's key to helping you take the dive and make quick progress.

In the end, it's about enjoying and appreciating the failures along the way. Every success comes with failure, wins come with losses, so that means you can view a failure (an awkward interaction, a bombed test, a breakup, a terrible blog post... hehe) as a success in it's own right. Each time you fail, you can say, "Hey, I just took another step towards being good at this". The more failures you rack up, the closer you are to your goal. Measure yourself by the amount of times you've failed. Go out there and mess up. 

Before I started writing this post, I was thinking "I shouldn't write right now because I'm not in a great mood and it will suck." But even if it does suck, that's a sign of progress, that's an acceptable outcome, that helps me to be a better writer. And in this case, I actually don't think it sucked... right? Ha.

So take your lumps. You're going to get beat up by school, jobs, life, but that's part of the process so don't shy away.


Ben HolmquistComment