Hi! This is Ben, Penji’s CEO - we’re expanding to new schools, and to be honest I’m getting stretched super thin. We’re looking to bring on student help to take over well-defined processes, both on the grassroots and digital side. Check out the opportunities below.

Campus Executive

Expanding to new schools requires a 2-person student team executing grassroots marketing, including frequent Lecture Hall Presentations. Public speaking, communication, and organization required. Pay is $15/hr - details and application here:


These internships represent exceptional learning opportunities and the chance to grow with Penji. If you’re looking for your first real exposure to the topics below, these are for you. They’ll begin as unpaid, but have potential to transition to paid.

APPLY: email contact@penjiapp.com with your resume and an introduction.

Growth Hacking

This is the modern-day startup equivalent of “marketing”. Old-school marketing means dropping a bunch of money on a billboard and hoping you get users. New-school marketing is growth-hacking: designing cheap experiments (tests) to determine if a new marketing tactic is effective or not. We have a backlog of interesting ideas, some digital, some in-person, that may work, but I need help executive and documenting the tests.

- 5 hrs / week
- Opportunity to create and test your own ideas as well as ours
- Cash bonuses for tactics that are proven to be effective and useful

Organization, willingness to try and fail, adaptability to duties that vary each week.

Business Development

We’re scaling to our third school in January and 10 more schools in Fall. Exciting times, but it’s a lot of work. Each school requires setup, including transcribing class lists, setting up school pages, and researching advisers and on-campus groups. We have a “playbook” that you will execute for each new school we launch at.

- 5 hrs / week
- Be a part of scaling a business; learn the details and analysis behind choosing and launching new markets
- Cash bonuses for successfully launched campuses

Detail oriented, ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded.

Digital Marketing

Each week, we send out email communications to our list of users and interested students. While some of this content will still come from me (user newsletters), I’d like to send you bullet points and have you execute on our digital communication, including copywriting and documentation of data around each email.

While email is our primary, we can repurpose the same content for social media. We suck at social right now, so if that intrigues you, all the better.

- 4 hrs / week
- Work with email lists with thousands of recipients
- Develop copywriting and data analysis skills

Organization, writing skills, attention to detail