Penji Grade Guarantees


After almost 1000 sessions, we’ve built a strong understanding of how to drive academic results. We’re excited to begin offering Grade Guarantees - here’s how they work:

Commit to weekly meetings with a Penji tutor throughout a term, and we’ll guarantee a certain result or your money back.

This is possible due to the strength of our tutors. They have gotten an A in the exact classes that we’re guaranteeing; they have been receiving stellar reviews (4.96 stars average rating over 898 sessions); and they understand that student performance is a combination of hard work, strong habits, and studying smart. They’ll coach you on what matters. I believe they are better than any tutor you will find in Boulder, and we’re thus willing to guarantee results.

Finally, to be clear, this is not a free pass to skate through your course. We only give guarantees to students who are deeply committed to doing well and are willing to put in the work. Your tutor will give you the map, but you must follow it.

Examples of Grade Guarantees

Julia (sophomore, 2.7 GPA)
Guaranteed 80% or better in Gen Chem 2 for holding two sessions per week ($18/hr*2/wk*16wks = $576)

Sam (junior, 2.4 GPA)
Guaranteed 70% or better in Differential Eq. for holding one session per week ($19/hr*1/wk*16wks = $304)

What is the Process?

These guarantees will be custom tailored to you through a three step process:

First, you’ll request a guarantee using the form below. We’ll have an intro conversation to understand where you’re at in school, your concerns, your study habits, etc. This will help us with crafting your guarantee and matching you with the right tutor.

Second, we'll get to know your academic background. Understanding your historial grades helps us create a realistic guarantee for you. We'll establish a couple options - more tutoring per week would lead to a higher guarantee. The conclusion of this step would be - "We'll guarantee a __% if you commit to __ sessions per week." As mentioned, we'll provide a couple options.

Third, we’ll match you with a tutor. The first 3 tutoring sessions will be a trial period to determine:
  1. Tutor fit:
    Do you get along? Does their teaching style match your learning style?
  2. Commitment:
    You must be committed to working hard outside of your sessions, following up on your tutor's suggested actions and generally doing your part. On the flip side, the tutor must be committed to understanding you as a student, preparing for each session, and watching out for your continued improvement.

After this 3-session period, we’ll chat with you and your tutor seperately to see how everyone is feeling. If all of the above looks good, we’ll finalize the guarantee.

Grade Guarantee Tutors

44 user reviews
Alexandra Collard
CU Boulder '19 (Math, Chemistry, and Education)
Classes: CHEM 1113, 1133, 3311; MATH 1300, 2300, 2400
Short Bio: Hey there! I am a senior at CU Boulder and love to run, hike, bake sugary goodies, and travel. In my free time I am often found at a local coffee shop with a latte and a Dan Brown book in hand. I was an instructor at a math learning center for 2 years and also worked as an LA for Gen Chem 2 for a year. Looking forward to learning a lot together (:

Recent Testimonials:
"Super helpful, intelligent and patient!" -Lauren, CHEM 1133
"She was wonderful!! Super helpful for figuring out strategies and teaching you how to solve problems." -Rachel, CHEM 3311

98 user reviews
Alex Koek
CU Boulder '20 (Astrophysics and Mathematics)
Classes: All MATH and PHYS courses below 3000
Short Bio: Hi! I love the math and physics behind everyday things as well as crazy shit like black holes. I play guitar and try to make music, I used to play tons of tennis, I love video games and Rick and Morty, and I enjoy hiking in good weather.

Recent Testimonials:
"Great work. Always reliable and knowledgeable." -Kevin, MATH 2300
"Alex has been a great help - I'm excited to continue working with him." Mark, PHYS 1110

61 user reviews
Theodore Margoles
CU Boulder '20 (Computer Science)
Classes: CSCI 1300, 2270, 2400, 2820, 2824, 3104, 3308, 3753
Short Bio: Love coding, working out, and drinking coffee! I have had success in all of these classes and I want you to have success as well! I can also help with general coding skills in C, C++, Python, HTML, javascript, if you need help with those languages.

Recent Testimonials:
"Very chill and helpful - would definitely recommend to a friend." -Will, CSCI 1300
"Helpful as always." -Ryan, CSCI 2270


What happens if I don’t get the grade I wanted?

We ask you to choose the refund % that you think is fair - that said, Penji is prepared to offer a full refund. Some examples: did the tutor help, but you narrowly missed the A? Perhaps you’d ask for a 40% refund. Was the tutor consistently unhelpful? 100% would be appropriate. It’s up to you, and it’s your right to ask for up to 100%.

What is the risk for me?

Not much - you’ll pay monthly as you go, and if you don’t get your desired grade, you’ll get a refund. What's more, these packages come with a discount on the standard $20/hr Penji rate. We’ve worked to make Penji affordable - now, with grade guarantees, you get a discount and a moneyback guarantee in exchange for increased commitment to the tutoring on your end.

Do I pay in one lump sum?

After the first 3 sessions, you’ll be automatically charged for 4 week periods as the semester progresses. So a 1-hour-per-week plan would be charged $76 every month or so. All payments go through a credit card that you add in our mobile app, and all payments are partially refundable if we dial back or stop your plan mid-month.

Why are Penji tutors effective?

We’ve come to understand many keys to successful learning, and train each tutor on these points.

Our tutors understand that their job is to get you to think, not simply to explain things over and over again. They will push you to discover answers on your own, guiding you where necessary. This builds real confidence that you can use when it’s test time.

We also only hire people we like. You can trust our tutors to be patient, kind, and thoughtful.

Last but not least, all Grade Guarantee tutors have received an A in the course.

What happens if I need less tutoring than planned?

These plans are flexible. We’ll work with you as the semester progress to adjust things. That said, if you’re feeling comfortable in a class, we often recommend that you keep working hard - many-a-student has gotten overconfident from early success and fallen behind! Regardless, these plans will adjust to your needs.

Grade Guarantee Application

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