School: UC Berkeley
Major: Computer Science
Year: Sophomore
Courses Tutored:

MATH1A, 1B, 53, 54; CS61A, 61B, 70, 188


Why Teach?

When I was learning the materials, I receive help from a lot of teachers and peers, so I want to give back. Also I feel like STEM is a nice way of thinking, and truly enjoy the rewarding moment when my students suddenly get the idea. Penji is a wonderful platform to share knowledge and the joy of learning it.


I come from Nanjing, China. I started coding (in QuickBASIC if you are curious) in elementary school. However, in high school I thought I would probably be a Geneticist and took lots of relevant courses in that field. After entering the college, I found out that terribly for me 2 physics and 3 chemistry courses are required for a Biology-Genetics major, so I switched to CS again after taking a couple of interesting courses.


Watching movies! (Favorites are Gone Girl, Do-ga-ni and Yin shi nan nu.) I also enjoy hiking, cycling and doing yoga.


Right now I would say 70% for graduate school and 30% for industry. I plan to take some graduate courses next semesters to see if academia-research is a good fit for me