Edward H.

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Courses Tutored:

APPM 1350, 1360
MCEN 2023, 2024

Why Teach?

I find that having to teach a hard topic to another person is a true test of how well you know a subject. I am fortunate to have many people around me who are experts in varying subjects which aids me in succeeding in each of my classes. I myself have now reached a high level of understanding in select topics and have the ability to aid others. I believe giving back to the engineering community and helping others on their path to graduation is worth while and enjoyable. Penji provides a very straight forward method to do this and allows for students to get help quickly with the topics that they are struggling with from people who have recently gone through similar problems.


I am originally from Chevy Chase, Maryland about five minutes from the D.C border. I grew up traveling down to the museums and monuments most weekends. Came out to Boulder because I new I wanted to do engineering and wanted to experience living somewhere new that has much nicer weather.


In the increasingly rare moments which I call my free time I enjoy getting over to the rec center to play pickup basketball and volleyball. Other than that I enjoy making my way down to pearl street and posting up in the boulder book store. Or putting up with the traffic and getting out to ski on the weekends. Most thought provoking book that I have read recently is "The Death Of Ivan Ilyich" I found it puts a lot of things in perspective.


In my future I am looking towards getting involved in project management and possibly working my way into upper management as I gain experience and develop my skillset.

Booking Edward

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1. Download the Penji App (iOS or Android)
2. Request a session in any of Edward's Classes
3. In "Topics" during the request, start with "Edward Herrick-Reynolds", and then list your topics

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