David B.

Major: Computer Science
Year: Junior
Courses Tutored:

CSCI 1000, 1300, 2270, 2824
CHEM 1113, 1133
EBIO 1210 1220
PHYS 1110, 1120, 1140
MATH 1300, 2300 2400 2510
ECON 2010, 2020, 3080


(4.9 Stars, 31 Reviews)
Why Teach?

I enjoy learning and the process of learning and the fact that everyone learns and understands in their own unique way. For me, being a tutor allows me to be apart of that process for someone else, guiding them to understanding subjects in their own unique way.


I am from Littleton, Colorado. I'm interested in running and getting involved in the community. I ran cross country and track all four years in high school. Growing up in Colorado I learned to love the mountains making CU-Boulder an obvious choice for me. I chose to study computer science because I love it's wide range of applications and presence in almost every field today, allowing me to have the potential to make a positive change in many different fields.


My interests are biking, hiking, and anything outdoors. My favorite TV show is Shameless, and I love any Marvel movie.


I plan on graduating CU-Boulder in 2019 and attending graduate school afterwards. I hope to eventually own my own company centered around the use of virtual reality to improve education and for modeling difficult concepts in science.

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