Penji Tutors at CU Boulder

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Name: Alex K.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Astrophysics and Mathematics (Double)
Classes: MATH 1011, 1012, 1300, 2300, 2400, 2130, 2135;
APPM 1350, 1360, 2350;
PHYS 1110, 1120, 2010, 2020
Short Bio: Hi! I love the math and physics behind everyday things as well as crazy shit like black holes. I play guitar and try to make music, I used to play tons of tennis, I love video games and Rick and Morty, and I enjoy hiking in good weather.

Name: Kate S.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Finance and Pre-Med
Classes: ECON 2010, 2020; BCOR 1025
CHEM 1021, 1113, 1133; MATH 1112;
Short Bio: Hi there! I’m Kate. I love hiking and skiing, and I’m very passionate about teaching.  I’ve been a tutor for several years privately. I’m planning on going to medical school after I graduate from CU!  I try my very best to make students feel comfortable talking through struggles.

Name: Kyra P.
Year: Post-Grad
Major: Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (Double)
Classes: IPHY 2420, 3400, 3410, 3430, 3435, 3470, 3480;
CHEM 1011, 1021, 1113, 1133, 3311, 3331;
MATH 1011, 1012, 1150, 1300; MCDB 2150, 2152, 3135
Short Bio: Hi there! I'm a recent graduate in IPHY and NRSC. I'm taking a year off while applying to medical schools, so I can give you any insight on the pre-health journey if you're interested!

Name: Michael R.
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science and Math (Double)
Classes: PHYS 1110, 1120, 2010, 2020
MATH 1011, 1150, 1300, 2001, 2300, 2400; ECEN 4593; APPM 1350, 2350
CSCI 1300, 2270, 2400, 2824, 3104, 3308
Short Bio: I'm a junior-level CSCI major, math minor who absolutely loves programming. I grew up in Centennial, CO, and when I'm not programming, I'm watching lectures on theoretical physics or math, browsing hacker news, or playing tennis. I hope to provide information that professors don't sufficiently convey.

Name: Sam K.
Year: Senior
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Classes: CHEN (All Classes)
PHYS 1110, 1120, 2010, 2020
MATH 1300, 2300, 2400; APPM 1350, 1360, 2350
Short Bio: I am currently in my fourth year at CU and will be graduating in Spring. I enjoy helping students feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes because I have been in their shoes. Favorite local spots to spend time outdoors is boulder creek or gross reservoir.

Name: Jordan S.
Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry and Psychology
Classes: CHEM 1021, 1113, 1133, 3311, 3331, 4700
Short Bio: I'm from Arvada, Colorado - I grew up attending CU sporting events and loved the campus and the atmosphere. I enjoy the material I'm teaching, and it's gratifying to help someone else understand material that previously confused them. I hope to attend medical school and pursue a career in neurology or orthopedic surgery.

Name: Michael C.
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science
Classes: CSCI 1300, 2270, 2400
Short Bio: I enjoy helping beginner programmers over the initial hill of learning to code. I think Penji is great because it's more personal and less stressful than meeting with TA's or CA's. I play volleyball at OasisVolleyball twice a week, always looking for new teammates!

Name: David B.
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Classes: CSCI1000, CSCI1300, CSCI2270, 2824,
CHEM 1113, 1133, 1210, 1220,
PHYS 1110, 1120, 1140,
MATH 1300, 2300, 2400, 2510, APPM2360, ECON 2010, 2020, 3080
Short Bio: I enjoy the process of learning. For me, being a tutor allows me to be apart of that process for someone else, guiding them to understanding subjects in their own unique way. I grew up in Littleton CO, I like to run, and I hope to one day own my own company.

Name: Zoe P.
Year: Senior
Major: Pre-Med, Certificate in Neuroscience
Classes: CHEM 1021, 1113, 1133, 3311, 4611;
NRSC 4032, 4062, 4072;
MCDB 2150, 3135;
EBIO 1210; PHYS 2010; PSYC 2010; Essay Help
Short Bio: Hi! I'm from Wheat Ridge, Colorado and I'm currently pursuing an individually structured major in Medical Humanities. I love good coffee, my dog, and traveling on a budget.

Name: Kira A.
Year: Junior
Major: Business - Talent and Strategic Management
Classes: BCOR 2001, 2002, 2003 2101, 2102, 2103, 2104; BADM 2010; MATH 1112; ECON 2010, 2020; Essay Help
Short Bio: I'm Kira and I study Talent Management in hopes to become a Human Resources Director someday. I love to teach and see others grow and I also love Netflix and Amazon Prime, so if you ever have any good show/movie recommendations, don't hesitate to tell me!

Name: Cammie N.
Year: Freshman
Major: Physics and Mathematics
Classes: MATH 1011, 1012, 1150, 1300, 2300, 2400
Short Bio: Hi, I'm Cammie! I'm originally from Maryland where I lived my whole life. I really enjoy my majors and helping people understand the basic concepts in them. I also enjoy tennis and going on long runs!

Name: Xander B.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Neuroscience
Classes: CHEM 1012, 1133, 1133; MCDB 1150, 2151, 3135; NRSC 2100
Short Bio: Hi I'm Xander from Lakewood, CO! I'm a neuroscience major who truly enjoys the material I am learning in college and want to help others find the same success that I have. I also love to sing and binge watch shows on Netflix!

Name: Matthew K.
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science
Classes: CSCI 1200, 1300, 2270, 2400, 3308; PHYS 1110, 2010, 2020; MATH 1300
Short Bio: I do data science research and am a CA for CSCI 2400. I enjoy the outdoors Colorado has to offer through climbing, Snowboarding, Long boarding, and Star-gazing. The most recent book I read was Gucci Mane's autobiography which I strongly recommend...

Name: Patrick M.
Year: Senior
Major: Civil Engineering
Classes: MATH 1011, 1150, 1300, 2300, 2400;
PHYS 1110, 1120;
CVEN 2121, 3161, 3698
Short Bio: Snowboarding, hiking, bouldering/rock climbing, traveling, guitar, and reading are some things I do for fun. I am especially strong in my math abilities. I am interested in engineering entrepreneurialism and want to have my own business during some point of my career.

Name: Theodore M.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science
Classes: CSCI 1300, 2400, 2824, 2820
Short Bio: I was born in Fort Collins, CO, and my family moved to Boulder by 2000. I grew up going on hikes in the Rockies, and skiing in Colorado and Utah. I love computer science! I like the problem solving, the long nights of coding, and the way of thinking that comes with it.

Name: Julian B.
Year: Junior
Major: Finance
Classes: MATH 1112; ECON 2020
Short Bio: Hi, I'm Julian. I am originally from Boulder but grew up in Niwot, CO. Enthusiast of the Outdoors and being in the mountains. Favorite hobbies include: Snowboarding, Basketball, Mountain Biking, watching sports, being with friends.