course mentorship


1. The close guidance of Penji's top tutor in a course, helping you to maximize your grade and subject mastery.

2. The greatest study option in history.*

*citation required

Jokes aside, consistent meetings with a tutor give you the best chance at success. Not only will you understand the material better, but you'll also have the chance to observe the habits and attitudes that help your tutor succeed. These components are equally important, especially as you move forward in school.

We'll set up an intro session between you and the tutor, no charge. If it's a good fit, you'll choose a monthly plan (below) and focus on learning. 

Basic Course Mentorship

  • 1 hour per week
  • $19/hr (~$82/month)
  • Ideal for guidance, resource sharing, and help on tough points

Focused Course Mentorship

  • 2 hours per week
  • $18/hr (~$156/month)
  • Ideal for consistent help through homework, quizzes, and test prep

The Big Bertha

  • 4 hours per week
  • $17/hr (~$294/month)
  • Detailed coverage of weekly material, comprehensive quiz and exam reviews, homework help
  • On-demand email or phone support from tutor