Name: Kate S.
Year: Sophomore
Major: Finance (pre-health track)
Classes: MATH 1112; ECON 2010, 2020; CHEM 1021, 1113, 1133
Bio: Hi there! I’m Kate. I love hiking and skiing, and I’m very passionate about teaching.  I’ve been a tutor for several years privately, and I’ve been working with other companies and Penji this year, too. My specialties are general chemistry and finance/economics.  I’m planning on going to medical school after I graduate from CU!  I try my very best to make students feel comfortable talking through struggles and I’m very committed to making sure they walk away feeling confident about their material.


Name: Alex K.
School: CU Boulder
Year: Junior
Major: Astronomy
Classes: MATH 1011, 1012, 1300, 2300, 2400, 2130, 2135; PHYS 1110, 1120, 2010, 2020
Bio: Hi! I love the math and physics behind everyday things as well as crazy shit like black holes. I play guitar and try to make music, I used to play tons of tennis, I love video games and Rick and Morty, and I enjoy hiking in good weather.



Name: Kyra P.
Year: Just Graduated
Major: IPHY and NRSC
Classes: CHEM 1021, 1113, 1133, 3311, 3331; IPHY 2420, 3400, 3410, 3430, 3470, 3480
Bio: Hi there! I'm a recent graduate in IPHY and NRSC. I'm taking a year off while applying to medical schools, so I can give you any insight on the pre-health journey if you're interested! I tutored with the IPHY club during my undergrad, and I miss studying very much so let me help you study and do the best you possibly can!


Name: Michael R.
Year: Junior
Major: CSCI
Classes: CSCI 1300, 2270, 2824, 3104; MATH 1300, 2300, 2400; APPM 1350, 2350; 
PHYS 1110, 1120, 2010, 2020
Bio: I'm a second year / junior-level computer science major who absolutely loves programming, and I'm also getting a minor in math. I've lived in Colorado my whole life, specifically from Centennial. When I'm not programming, I'm watching lectures on theoretical physics or math, browsing hacker news, or playing tennis. I'm excited to teach and hope to provide some of the information that professors don't sufficiently convey.


Name: Jackson D.
Year: Junior
Major: PHYS
Classes: MATH 1011, 1150, 1300, 2300, 2400, 2130; PHYS 1110, 1120, 2010, 2020
Bio: Hey, I am a sophomore and I'm majoring in Physics and Spanish and minoring in Math. I really like physics because I feel like I'm learning to understand how the world works. When I'm not doing homework, I like to snowboard, hike, and watch soccer. 



Name: Igor B.
Year: Senior
Major: CSCI
Classes: CSCI 1300; INFO 1201
Bio: I am a senior studying computer science at CU Boulder. Math and other sciences have always greatly interested me so I always knew I wanted study something math related with a good job market. Initially I was actually a film major because I am a freestyle skier and film maker. But as I got into user interface design for web apps I applied the same creative visuals aspects to those jobs. In addition to being a tutor for CSCI-1300 and INFO-1201, I am a React.js Developer at Vivo Applications (webapp startup) and a Web Developer at Impact Finance Center.

Name: Sam A.
Year: Junior
Major: MCDB / Pre-Med
Classes: CHEM 1113, 1133, 3311, 3331, PHYS 2010, EBIO, MCDB, SPAN, and more...
Bio: I'm an MCDB major and a Spanish minor with plans of heading to med school and becoming a doctor after CU. I was born in Houston, Texas, but moved to Boulder for the skiing, hiking, running, and all else that Colorado has to offer.