Now Hiring: Campus Executive

We're ready to expand to more schools.  Your unique knowledge of the student body, school environment, and classes offered will be a big help in spreading the word about Penji. We operate remotely (via Skype meetings and Slack), so you'll be a full-fledged team member, and will benefit from the guidance of the co-founders and other campus executives at every step of the way.

Why join?

  1. $11/hr wage and around 10-15 hours a week. Hours are flexible, and you choose your schedule.
  2. Milestone bonuses equal to 5% net profit at your school.
  3. You'll learn a ton: marketing strategies, public speaking skills, startup operations, finance, design skills, and much more.
  4. Support from a great team: our smart, talented, and unique employees are great at helping each other through problems

Responsibilities may include:

  1. Design a launch strategy at your school (choosing classes, building a timeline, identifying key contacts)
  2. Digital marketing: email campaigns, facebook marketing, networking with your school
  3. Interpersonal marketing: info card handouts, lecture hall presentations, tabling.
  4. Any student interns will be hired to help you with whatever you need.

This app and team have the potential to redefine how students get educated. We are really excited to see the impact this service can have, and would love to have you on the team.

To Apply:

Please email your resume and a short introduction to We'll then set up a Skype interview.